An Introduction to the Jubilee Playgroup

Jubilee Playgroup was established in 1985 when the population of Sully increased dramatically as a result of the new housing developments.

This information is to help you make choices about your child's pre-school education and development. We will explain the procedures at Playgroup and give all the information necessary to make the transition from home to Playgroup as smooth and happy as possible for you and your child. The Playgroup is a non-profit making registered charity and is a member of Wales Pre-school Playgroups Association. We are registered with Care and Social Services Wales and have received an excellent inspection report.

The responsibility for the Playgroup is assumed by a democratically elected committee. In all committee run playgroups, parents and playgroup staff are important partners in the development of good care and educational practises for children under statutory school age. We hope that parents will consider joining or assisting in helping the committee. This, apart from contributing to your role on the committee is also a means of making new friends. Another important function of the committee is organising fund raising events and maintaining effective cash flow.

All children are offered a planned curriculum in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Phase. All children are assigned their own key worker who maintains a file on them and records the progress of the child by observation and completing an assessment form. The file also contains photos and examples of the child's work. These files are available to be viewed by parents and will be passed to parents when the child leaves Playgroup.

Playgroup is fully insured and the certificate is displayed on our notice board along with other important notices and information. All Playgroup policies and procedures are available to be viewed in Playgroup. A theme is developed over a period of time and hopefully parents will support this and allow the children to only bring items relating to this theme into Playgroup. Examples of our current themes can be seen on our two display boards leading into the main hall.

What are the Play Opportunities?
  • Computer
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Painting and craft
  • Play dough
  • Songs, music and games
  • Table top toys, puzzles, etc
  • Home corner/dressing up
  • Floor toys
  • Physical play
Statement of Purpose

Jubilee Playgroup aims to offer a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which parents/ carers are welcome. We also aim to encourage parents/carers to understand and provide for the needs of their children and to further the aim of the Wales Pre-school Playgroups Association.

We accept children aged 2 - 5 and have provision for special needs. There are 26 places available each day and parents can choose between 2 & 5 sessions. The language used on a daily basis is English, some Welsh words, phrases and songs are used.

We aim to provide a high level of play activities and educational equipment appropriate to the age of the children and stage of development. We feel that Playgroup is an ideal setting to allow boys and girls to experience messy, creative, imaginative, manipulative and physical play as well as providing the opportunity to socialise and accept simple rules, under the guidance of a 4:1 ratio for 2 year olds and 8:1 ratio from 3 years and over of caring helpers.