Jubilee Hall Playgroup Sully

Winter Newsletter 2015



Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn Term. Believe it or not, there are only 7 weeks of Playgroup ahead of us before we break up for Christmas! These are always a busy few weeks, but hopefully enjoyable for the children and staff.

Some important up and coming dates – the Photographer will be visiting Playgroup on Friday 6th November from 9.15am to take ‘Christmas’ photos of the children, so please feel free to call in if your child doesn’t usually attend a Friday session.

This Year we will be holding our Nativity Play on Wednesday 16th December (details to follow), and we will be breaking up on Friday the 18th December so the children’s Christmas Party will be held on that day. All children are welcome to attend on party day and hopefully we will be getting a few surprise visitors too!

*A quick reminder for all parents – Jubilee Playgroup now has a PRIVATE ‘Facebook Group’ (we no longer use the old ‘like’ page because of new privacy and data protection laws).  We upload photos of the children regularly to this group, so to join, please put ‘Jubilee Playgroup – Sully’ into your Fb search box and request to join. As soon as you’re a member, you will be able to see what goes on once the doors have closed, as well as keep updated with any up and coming events! (Please Note – To maintain maximum privacy, we will only accept requests from parents and grandparents of current children) *


Below are the list of topics and activities that we will be doing during the next 7 weeks. As always, if you have anything relevant to a topic then please give it to a member of staff, so we can look at it together.  

November 2nd – 6th  –  Painting Techniques – Bonfire Night. This week we will be making Firework Display Pictures. Lots of splatter painting and glitter! We will be finger painting bonfires & making rockets! (The photographer will be in Friday of this week).

November 9th – 13th  – Painting techniques continue – the children will be able to try out many different ways of ‘painting’ and enjoy their results! Marble Painting will be attempted this week, as well as cotton reel printing, textured roller painting and bubble painting.

November 16th – 20nd  – More painting techniques to be tried! We will be having a go at potato printing, newspaper silhouettes, painting with textured mittens and blow painting…. plenty of opportunities for your child to express their artistic flair!

November 23rd – 27th  – This week, will be the start of our Christmas preparations.  Our Winter Frieze will be started this week, as well as making paper chains, we will also be painting large Xmas baubles & trees etc, ready to decorate the hall next week.

November 30th – 4th  –  The hall will be decorated and the tree put up this week.  The children will be making Christmas lanterns, decorating tee lights and bauble and star decorations will be constructed with liberal amounts of glitter and glue!

December 7th – 11th   –  More Christmassy activities – the children will be cutting and sticking 3D holly wreaths, painting tree decorations, and making Reindeer Crowns. They will also be able to glue Christmas masks.

December 14th – 18th  –  This will be our last week in Playgroup before breaking up for the Holidays. The children will be making their Christmas Cards, creating their own foliage table decorations, and making Christmas Cakes. The Nativity and Christmas Party will also take place this week – all Playgroup children are welcome to attend, so please just give your child’s name to a member of staff beforehand, so we make a note and organise sufficient staff in advance!